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Brand experience refers to the many different experiences, emotions, desires and considerations that your consumers will have in regards to your brand. This brand experience is like a reputation for brands, and when more people are satisfied with the experiences you offer, the more your brand becomes recognised as trusted. Nevertheless, let us talk about what a brand experience is before we offer you our fantastic services.

Impressions: A single impression is when a consumer views, visits or interacts with one of your contact points. This will of course leave the consumer with a particular feeling, consideration or desire to perform an action. This is the first stage in an entire brand experience.

Responsiveness: This is how your brand responds to consumer needs, interests and issues. An example of this is how cleaning brands bring out a particular product that is good for thick oven grease. This product launch was in response to consumer needs, making it a highly responsive move, and a great addition to the brand experience.

Interactions: Once an impression is made, the consumer will then choose to interact with your brand or not. If they choose to interact with your brand, this becomes another part of the brand experience. This part can easily translate to leads or sales, making it one of the most important parts of your brand experience.

Longevity: Consumers don’t like brands that are not sustainable. Not only will the product disappear from store shelves, but also the brand may struggle to tend to even the most basic of responsibilities. When consumers witness your efforts to remain sustainable and plan for the future, it adds onto the total brand experience.

If you are interested in finding out more on how we can reignite your company’s brand experience, contact Ignition Marketing right now.

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