Proud member of PPPSA

Proud member of PPPSA

(Promotional Product Professionals of South Africa)

The branding challenge

Building a sustainable brand and promoting your offering amidst an ocean of ongoing and intensely competitive marketing activities can be a herculean task. Even expensive traditional marketing campaigns no longer guarantee success. Most often, if not always, it is the increasingly innovative who are able to successfully withstand these pressures, and in so doing “outlast” and even “outperform” their – usually stronger – competitors.

“Innovation” wins the day

No matter your industry, we are living in an era of great innovation. One in which the “out-of-the-box” thinker who displays an adaptive and unmistakably focused marketing strategy, inevitably reigns supreme over inflexible and uncreative competitors with rigid promotional campaigns. This places strategically-minded and established below the line advertising specialists – such as corporate gifting experts – in great stead to help so many ailing and even successful businesses to truly make their “mark” within their industry niche`!

Why below the line advertising and specifically corporate gifting solutions?

There are a few misconceptions to dispel! It is also quite possible that the resulting unfounded stigmas have caused many progressive businesses to miss out on potentially one of the most powerful yet cost-effective and remarkably simple promotional strategies to date! Some rather loosely bandied statements such as “bribery”, a “necessary evil”, “hand outs”, and “gimmicks” in reference to corporate gifts, have unfortunately left a sour taste and a grossly inaccurate perception in the minds of some impressionable business owners.

Our growing success at Ignition, directly linked to the success of our loyal and expanding customer base is a crystal clear attestation to the fact that corporate gifting solutions remain one of the most prolific and effectively utilised promotional strategies to date! We have witnessed many businesses continuing to harmoniously integrate such strategies into their broad marketing scheme and long term vision, with remarkable success achieved in developing their brand identity. This includes entrenching their brand reputation positively in the minds of their exact target market.

Choosing a world class provider for a world class branding strategy

It stands to reason that the range and quality of your corporate gifting solution and related services are only as good as the calibre of service provider you deal with. Fortunately, rather than have to embark on your personal due-diligence the industry is heavily impacted by the credibility and oversight of the Corporate Gifts Association of Southern Africa – PPPSA.

What is the Corporate Gifts Association of Southern Africa?

The PPPSA is an industry association that is the result of the collective efforts of its two founders. With a combined knowledge and experience of over 50 years the association creates an official benchmark that affords credibility of international reputation to its members. The association represents the promotional products industry in order to elevate it by encouraging best practices of international standards when it comes to sourcing, producing and distributing corporate gifts.

International reputability

We at Ignition have spent the last decade building our enterprise from the ground up and our ongoing commitment has seen us truly grasp a strong foothold in the South African market. After years of commitment to excellence in service and product quality, we are proud to be internationally recognised as a bona fide member of the PPPSA. As such we have been privileged to gain the reputation as one of the most versatile, interactive and successful corporate gifting organisations in SA. Our dedication to attaining and maintaining international reputability has also enabled us to create sustainable relationships with internationally recognised brands and manufacturers. This is aptly complemented and epitomised by our comprehensive range of quality promotional products, coupled with an unstinting commitment to unsurpassed customer care.

National industry elevation (PPPSA)

Since the inception of the Corporate Gifting Association of Southern Africa we have been supportive and collaborative in an effort to ensure the continuous development of the corporate gifting industry. We also strive to set an unmistakable standard of excellence that serves as a world class industry benchmark. Although this requires hard work and dedication, we believe that it is imperative to distinguish ourselves as industry veterans in lieu of the poor standards sadly set by so many inefficient and inexperienced service providers. We are therefore committed to aligning our goals to that of PPPSA, and we subsequently seek to enhance the calibre of the existing service providers, while minimising those that discredit the industry due to unprofessionalism, unreliability and much more.

Our competitive advantage

Our secret to success is really no secret at all to our existing and growing, loyal customer base. We always seek to exceed the expectations of our clients and are never satisfied with mediocrity. We also take great pride in our offering by providing customers with not only quality gifts, but by also enabling effective brand activation. Our corporate gifting solutions are tailored meaning we are able to work with our clients to develop customised brand strategies as reflected in especially branded and custom designed corporate gifts.

World class facility and services

We are proud to be associated with world-class manufacturers, and what’s more is that our team of highly trained and dedicated employees understand the time critical nature of all requests. They are able to handle any order, from request to delivery, within efficient turnaround times.

Thriving online presence

By working hard to maintain a thriving online presence we are able to generate and in fact substantiate our credibility and high level of excellence via our online interface. Our user-friendly website is kept up-to-date at all times, as is the complete online catalogue of gifting categories and individual gift items. We maintain an interactive presence and audio-video multimedia such as our intro video on our website allows visitors to meet our team and witness the credibility of our organisation and its business model. This affords prospects greater peace of mind and a certain level of trust, which is invaluable when building strong customer relationships.

Ultimately we seek to develop and nurture mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with our valuable clients in order to consistently exceed their expectations. For PPPSA standards in product and service when it comes to corporate gifting look no further than Ignition Marketing! Contact us directly today or visit us online for more information.

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