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Branded Notebooks

Promotional notebooks are perhaps the most popular items in anyone’s stationery kit.


The appeal and practicality of high quality branded notebooks never fades away in the business environment. Virtually all entrepreneurs, employees and other stakeholders alike, make use of printed notebooks for one or more of their day-to-day activities. Whether you are taking notes in a meeting, keeping up to date with schedules, planning ahead, or creating a journal – it is unlikely that any form of advanced technology will every replace the innate desire to simply pick up a pen or pencil and jot down important thoughts and information.



Thus no matter how techno ‘savvy’, or ‘inexperienced’, you may be every professional will find good use for corporate notebooks. Since branded notebooks are thus not likely to every lay in a cupboard gathering dust, they create the perfect medium for highly effective brand communication. From attractive printed notebooks to exclusive embossed and de-bossed notebooks – our truly diverse range of notebooks will accommodate your very specific needs when it comes to galvanising brand awareness, and emphasising your brand power in a distinct and appealing manner.

In addition to stocking and providing the widest range of notebooks we can also produce notebooks customised in terms of design, aesthetics, layout, material and other specifications. Ignition is able to take care of all your needs from planning and initiation all the way to mass production. Given the diversity, popularity and usefulness of branded notebooks, integrating these corporate gifts into your current and prospective marketing campaigns will no doubt produce a strong channel of brand communication to existing clients and new markets. Depending on your budget the extent of personalisation can extend significantly, and you could even tailor each and every notebook with the names and, or credentials of each and every recipient.


The great thing about branded ‘notebooks’ is that they are the epitome of ingenuity as ‘corporate gifts’ that never fail to hit bulls-eye in terms of gaining brand exposure. By investing in quality printed notebooks and placing them in the right hands you are creating some of the most profound brand ambassadors! These creative ‘writing aids’ have a way of ‘travelling’ from the office, to the home, onto the golfing greens, into board meetings and even between hands! …And all the while your distinctly displayed logo and company name are gaining greater and GREATER momentum!

Our custom-designed printed, embossed or de-bossed notebooks can come in several dimensions, colours, types of material and unique branding. For instance – if you are targeting eco-conscious clients or inculcating an attitude of ‘eco-sensitivity’ among employees, you can opt for printed notebooks made of recycled paper.

As mentioned, if you so desire, each notebook can also be personalised for each employee or client by displaying their name proudly on the front, or by including personalised messages printed on a specific page, or several pages inside.

When it comes to developing a brand and establishing an ‘iconic’ brand identity it is important to work within the parameters of your brand’s colour scheme. Custom promotional notebooks are yet again ‘leaders’ in this department as it is easy to design your printed notebooks to accurately and professionally represent your colour scheme.

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