Corporate clothing in Durban

The city of Durban – ever popular for its great weather and pristine beaches – is also a haven for tourists, particularly in the unforgettable summer months!

Corporate clothing
in Durban

Unfortunately, when it comes to corporate clothing in Durban the leisurely atmosphere over the years has caused many employers to somewhat slacken on usually strict ‘dress-code protocols’.

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Corporate clothing in Durban

Now, while dressing casually or ‘comfortably’ might have some perks, professional corporate dressing is simply non-negotiable when it comes to portraying your brand correctly, and representing your business effectively to public at large!

First impressions do last! Fortunately – although many of Durban’s business owners and corporates enjoy letting their employees wear ‘anything that doesn’t look too unprofessional’ – more and more owners and managers are now changing their mindset! Whether it’s due to recession, the intense competition, or new information, branded corporate clothing in Durban is increasingly being appreciated for its value as a “brand ambassador” and as an instrument of suitable “class” and individual ‘style’.

Although not many ‘Durbanites’ like the idea of work uniforms, professional corporate clothing provides ‘irresistible’ benefits for both businesses and the employees!

Corporate clothing in Durban – Professional Reminder

When your employees put on their uniform they are essentially agreeing with your business values, ethics, code of conduct and most importantly the company ‘Vision’. This reminds them of the “greater good” of the brand, and that they are in fact part of something significant. Employees are also more readily aware of their ‘ambassadorial role’ even outside of the office. The best part is – unlike third-party promoters – your own personnel are well informed and equipped to market your brand!

Corporate clothing in Durban – Aptly Designed and Tailored

Although this is Durban, too often the ‘relaxed’ attire is a disservice to the brand and business as a whole. This invariably repels new customers and can leave your existing clients with a growing distaste towards your brand. Furthermore, this apathetic stance creates a tone of unprofessionalism for clients who aren’t accustomed to how “Durbanites” prefer to operate.

Corporate clothing in Durban can make all the difference to your brand image! With the right product your employees will be kitted with professional clothing that is tailored, neat, comfortable, and conveys the ‘right’ message every time. With high quality corporate clothing in Durban you can rest assured that your employees will be able to confidently put their best foot forward – anytime and anywhere!

Corporate clothing in Durban – Employee Morale and Synergy

Attractive and appropriately designed corporate clothing in Durban will allow businesses to promote synergy and harmony in the workplace. Those who cannot afford expensive casual wear will also enjoy a healthy confidence boost, while the uniforms will also help to create a sense of equality in terms of value and contribution of each and every member of staff. In summing up corporate clothing in Durban is not only a token of appreciation to your employees, but also a feather in the cap of the entire brand. It’s also possible, with the right choice of gear, to transform your most valuable investment – ‘Your Staff’ – into proud, walking brand ambassadors.

Contact Ignition Marketing today for corporate clothing in Durban – with us it is possible to combine style and comfort, while ensuring your brand stands ‘Way’ out of the crowd!


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