Say No to SUP with Your Business

It’s a huge part of our everyday lives, and yet plastic waste is one of the greatest threats to our planet and our ecosystem today. By making small changes like switching to our Boxed Water products, we can help contain this threat and save the world one drink at a time.

Branded Boxed Water for your Business

For Corporate Customers we offer quantity discounts, the more you order the more you save. We would love to chat more about how you can join us in our quest to help make a difference to our planet.

Help the Ocean with our Boxed Water for Your Business

Boxed Water is Responsible Marketing

In a world were 69 billion plastic bottles are produced every year, we need an alternative to plastic bottles. Our mission is not only to provide a sustainable option to single-use plastic water bottles, but to be a part of the solution. For every 3 trees that are cut down to make the carton box, we plant 4 more trees!

Causes Less Polution than Plastic

Boxed Water has a 64% lower impact on your carbon footprint than Plastic Bottles!

Lower carbon footprint than Aluminum

Boxed Water has a 50% lower impact on ozone depletion than plastic bottles!

Is better for
Your Business

Natural Spring Water is Better for you and your customer so they will appreciate it!

Practice a plastic-free
Business Lifestyle

Your customers will give you extra points to endorse this as a lifestyle with your brand!

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