Corporate gifts and brand activation

Brand activation allows companies to create an experience for their clients and target market. There are however various levels to brand activation and some of them do not necessarily require businesses to fork out millions. Corporate gifts are the ideal example.

Companies are continuously making huge announcements, increasing their product offering or reinventing themselves as a brand. No matter what a business does, any visible change or addition to a business needs to be communicated to existing clients as well as their target market. The more a business or brand share with the public, the stronger the relationship will become. It is also important for brands to remember that transparency is key.

Corporate gifts give companies the chance to share with their clients etc. whilst being subtle about it. Making one’s presence known without shoving it in people’s faces, gives brands the chance to exercise a strong recall and recognition among the public.

Depending on the type, corporate gifts have the potential to carry a brand and its message further than a company could hope for. This type of marketing strategy is a smart one for any business to use and certainly encourages word of mouth advertising which is still to date, the most powerful form of advertising alive.

Activating a brand in areas other than its home base is what opens up doors of opportunity for any business. Brand activation also builds a company brand. Corporate gifts can be as simple as a pen or as generous as a laptop bag. However, branding them correctly is what makes the difference and spreads the word.

Ignition Marketing, professionals in corporate gifting and branding, supply a large variety of corporate gifts to companies. Whether businesses want to use corporate gifts to thank loyal clients or distribute the corporate gifts to promote the brand, a change within it or any other important information, Ignition Marketing will assist businesses in choosing the right corporate gift that best suits the image of the company.

Corporate gifts are the perfect tool to use when considering brand activation. Ignition Marketing will ensure that your logo, message and brand’s image are portrayed clearly on any corporate gift item.

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