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Time is of the essence in the business world and punctuality is an excellent virtue to maintain, which is why we at Ignition Marketing stock clocks, watches and time-pieces that deliver your brand communications directly into the homes and businesses of existing and prospective clients. Whether you are looking for an industry-specific gift or not, you can rest assured of quality gifts that can be tailored appropriately.

We offer promotional, branded and corporate time products that can filter through the clutter of conventional advertising. This enables you to establish and maintain a strong brand presence internally and externally. These time piece corporate gifts can be aligned to various marketing and strategic endeavours. Like most of our products, these are functional items that are used or relied on daily. They also make for great brand visibility.

The secret to our success is in part because we deliver more than quality “time gifts”, but rather focus on offering comprehensive and specialised branding strategies. These strategies are effectively developed around the use of our promotional, branded and corporate time products in order to gain a real competitive advantage.

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