Mercedes Benz presentation

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer based in Stuttgart which specialises in the production of luxury cars, SUVs, buses, trucks and coaches. Established in 1926, the brand has become synonymous with luxury, quality and class – having production plants and offices located all around the world. Ultimately, this client is an iconic global brand and respected leader in the automotive industry.

The following piece will take a closer look at some of the products that Ignition Marketing has put together for the German automobile juggernaut:

The Vantage DT watch is arguably one of the most beautiful of all our timepieces. The large face and its accompanying leather strap have been specially designed to exude a sense of luxury and class.

Yet another excellent part of our headphone range – the Blue Bass wireless headphones simply ooze with elegance. These headphones can connect to any Bluetooth-ready device up to a range of 10 metres, delivering excellent sound quality to the user.

The Seminar is a relatively simple but innovative device that is most at home in the boardroom during presentations. Shaped like a pen, there is built-in functionality and one end houses a laser pointer ideal for presentations, while the other end houses a USB flash drive.

Other branded Mercedes Benz corporate items include the Blues portable, wireless speaker, the Chain Led keyring with mini torchlight and the attractively-designed Clear Round Chrono wristwatch with its modern appeal.

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