Grolsch Presentation

Grolsch is easily one of the world’s most recognisable beer brands, thanks in no small part to its interesting bottle design. Produced at the Grolsch Brewery in the Netherlands, this beer is now available on every continent in the world.

Below we’ll explore some of the Grolsch promotional items that we currently stock and supply:

The Pinkie Finger is an excellent little device that acts as a stylus for your smart phone. It allows you to navigate through menus and applications without leaving oily marks all over your screen – something every smartphone user hates.

Yet another outstanding creation that we at Ignition Marketing can supply for your next campaign includes the Cartabello. This is essentially a digital clock and a miniature whiteboard combined into a single unit. These are ideal for both home and office use, providing you with the time as well as a handy area for you to make notes.

We have found that the Custom Flash Drive is one of our most popular products across the spectrum of industries. These flash drives can be custom made into a number of different shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs – as demonstrated by Grolsch’s attractive range of branded USBs.

Other innovative and useful branded Grolsch products include on-the-go mobile phone chargers, beautifully designed beer bottle openers, headsets and retro wireless speakers.

If you would like to explore the branded gifting possibilities to help elevate your brand communication to the next level, then Ignition Marketing can present several options suited to your unique needs.


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