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DHL Express is a division of the mega-logistics company Deutsche Post – which is currently the world’s largest express logistics company as per Wikipedia. Corporate gifts are an important part of business as they are often the backbone of direct internal and external branding strategies.

However, the days of simple, sentimental gifts are slowly disappearing as more people seek functional gifts that can be utilised in the office or at home. In today’s highly competitive environment it is crucial to opt for value-for-money buys as opposed to just any novelty or corporate gift. This is exactly what DHL did by enlisting our services.

Some of the quality branded gifts we provided included the Memo Analog, which is a desk-clock that doubles up as a mini whiteboard, as well as the Wave Calculator which offers similar dual-functionality as a mini whiteboard. These types of versatile products offer multiple uses, therefore allowing recipients to put them to more frequent application.

For DHL this means that their products provide vast ambassadorial value as their staff, clients and other stakeholders are certain to make use of them several times a week – keeping them visible and hence putting DHL services first-in-mind versus competitors.

The USB People and USB DHL Trucks are USB flash drives modelled after small people resembling DHL personnel and DHL delivery trucks respectively. These amazing little devices are not only handy and serve an important data storage use – but they are also classy and sure to get attention wherever they are used or seen.

Other branded gift options include the Pen Pal stylus and pen combo as well as the Wave Stand – a versatile electronic device holder ideal for your tablet or Smartphone.

If you would also like to explore branded gift options for your enterprise’s needs, then don’t hesitate to contact Ignition Marketing today.


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