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Finally, you can acquire gifts that provide quality, functionality and great use for anyone within your target market – as evidenced with the branded products we’ve supplied for Carlsberg. Carlsberg is regarded as the fifth biggest brewery label worldwide and this industry giant supplies everything from beer as the flagship brand to bottled water.

As professionals in the corporate gifting industry, we often see examples of brands spending vast amounts of money on gifts that quickly lose novelty. Corporate gifting doesn’t have to fall in this category and can be used to add tremendous value in building brand recognition – when your investment is one of quality. This is abundantly clear when looking at the branded products produced for Carlsberg.

The Flexi Time matt finish wristwatches or Time Squared plain yet stylish wristwatches – are great looking products that will appeal to any crowd. We also supplied Carlsberg with Twistlight mini-torch and Flat Light solar-charging mini-torch branded products; ideal for those who hate being stuck in the dark during power outages or while on the go.

You may also prefer like this particular client to offer trendier branded gifts, focussed on a retro style with modern technology. These include the Silly Ears compact headphones, Blast from the Past wireless speakers – designed to look like old radio sets – and the Blasting Brick wireless portable speakers – designed to look like old amplifiers. These all offer a great combination of retro feel, modern technology and sleek, stylish functionality.

If our range of branded items produced for Carlsberg appeals to you, contact Ignition Marketing today and discover how we can also help to reignite your internal and external branding strategies.


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