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Valentines Day Gifts for staff or Clients

Fall in love with our Valentines Day gifts for either your staff or promotional gifts for you clients to gain sales and build your brand image!

Valentines Day always has many couples and singles all over the world will once again be beaming with excitement and great anticipation of Valentine’s Day…and all that it will come with. Over the years the magnitude of this annual ‘celebration of love’ has grown exponentially, not only in the household setting, but commercially too.


Valentine’s Day Gifts

With today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, traditional marketing techniques are simply no longer sufficient. Clients, and the employees you relate to, are averse to marketing “gimmicks”, and most often all it takes is a sincere and thoughtful gesture to reinforce relationships and develop your brand identity. This is where the effectiveness of a no-strings-attached corporate gift comes in, and we have seen various large corporates and SMME’s alike achieve substantial success with their Valentine’s Day promotional campaigns. In essence, Valentine’s Day – being one that is normally associated with more intimate relations – can via the use of appropriate corporate gifts be powerfully used to demonstrate to clients and staff that they too represent a valuable part of the business’ inner-circle.

At Ignition we are committed to helping our clients to optimally tap into the marketing potential of special occasions, celebrations and holidays. This is depicted in our comprehensive range of unique corporate gifting hampers and packages themed around joyous times like Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas and so on… We also have gifts for all ages, genders and tastes, plus all items can be uniquely branded and customised as required.

Furthermore, we recognise that while “it’s the thought that counts”, there’s no disputing the importance of quality. At Ignition we only deal with the highest quality of manufacturers and brands to assure you of undisputed quality standards. Such quality is equally important to your employees as it is to clients. Appreciating your workforce is in many ways investing in the continued success and expansion of your enterprise. When you affectionately thank those who are the driving force behind your operation – particularly on a special occasion like Valentine’s – you unmistakably make an indelible impact on them. This is likely to be reflected in their work ethic, greater performance and higher morale in the workplace.

Consider providing all of your female clients and employees with a vanity hamper, full of bubble baths, bath salts and perfumes that they can indulge in, or a tasty hamper packed with simple chocolates and treats. For men we have great cologne packs, stylish business accessories and hampers full of gear to help them look their best at all times.

So take a look through our fantastically diverse catalogue of corporate gifting solutions where you can find stylish, elegant, even fun gifts, for every kind of recipient. And if you’re still not satisfied after looking over our wonderful gifting options, we offer the choice of working with us to create your very own gifts depending on your unique preferences and branding requirements.

So if you’re looking for a unique, effective and cost-efficient way to share joy and happiness with clients and staff this Valentine’s Day, then check out our catalogue of corporate gifts and hampers or contact us directly today!


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