Let Your Brand Be Colorful with Branded Sunvisors

A necessity today, the sunvisor is an item that is functional and helps protect you from sun exposure. The visor is cooler than hats due to their open tops, so if you not a fan of thick bulky caps and hats, then a sunvisor is for you.

At Ignition, we have expanded the usual branded sunvisor into a customizable item that can be easily used to show off your brand. We have a range of visors that start from the simple foam sunvisor and hats which are most often a giveaway item at road races, shows, summer or sporting events to the more fashion-forward camo sunvisor for instance. 

Our designs are well thought out and crafted excellently, making our corporate sunvisor a go-to choice for many. The sunvisors we supply come in a large range of colors that can help greatly with customizing according to events and brands. A promotional sunvisor is a sure way of getting your brand out there even while its blistering hot. Contact us today to order.

Branded Sunvisor from our Shop

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