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World Disabled Day

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World Disabled Day, or the International Day of People with Disabilities is an annual observance dedicated to encouraging a wider acceptance and understanding of disabilities as well as those affected by them. It is essentially undergirded by promoting a greater support for their rights, dignity and general well-being. The observance falls in the last calendar month on December 3, and has been promoted in full force since 1992 by the United Nations. Each and every year the day continues to impact the world as able bodied individuals from all nations stop and take closer note of the disabled, their plight, the issue of inclusion, and so on.

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A Day of Global Significance

Similarly to World Health Day, each year World Disabled Day focuses on a different theme regarding disabled individuals and their physical impediments. Recent themes have generally centred on the core focus of removing barriers in order to establish and maintain an inclusive and accessible society for all. Part of this would include transforming and ensuring that public facilities and amenities are completely user-friendly for the ‘world’s largest minority’ – the disabled.

Although this international observance is relatively young compared to some commemorations, it is officially celebrated throughout most of the world and to some extent touches each and every nation yearly. This day of growing significance continues to gain momentum as it looks to continually raise social, political, cultural and economic awareness in regards to people with disabilities.


In order to move forward and consider how businesses could participate in World Disabled Day, some regard must be given to the roots of this observance. The seeds for this international observance were planted in 1976 when the United Nations General Assembly declared 1981 as the International Year of Disabled Persons. What followed was an entire decade – 1983 to 1992 – which was called the “Decade of Disabled Persons”. Its purpose was to provide time for governments to implement certain activities and policies in order to create a fair socio-economic environment in which people with disabilities could live. It is due to this early promotion of equality for persons with disabilities that we see so many disabled people living independent lives today!

Linking Business Promotional Strategy with World Disabled Day

After reading the above it is clear that this is an incredibly important day that can be used to raise awareness of a worthy cause, while simultaneously promoting the credibility of your business. This invariably also emphasises your organisational commitment to addressing social challenges and contributing to socio-economic development. These are two very important objectives and a strategically designed below the line advertising strategy – without detracting from the core essence of this important day – will help you achieve these goals much more effectively. The selective and planned use of branded corporate gifts has in fact achieved astoundingly successful growth and performance results for so many small and large enterprises. And there is no reason why you also can’t enjoy the same result and associated benefits in your business today!

Adaptive Corporate Gifting Strategy

While most of us are aware – morally speaking – that when receiving gifts it is truly the “thought that counts”, nobody in all sincerity hopes for a poorly designed and dubiously manufactured gift. This is especially critical if you’re going to be sending these gifts out to other companies, where first impressions last…and can either make or break strategic relationships and the hopes of repeat business! The same is true of corporate gifts for staff and management as quality is just as key an ingredient with employees when it comes to appreciating them for their hard work and commitment.

The Broadest Catalogue of Gifting Options

International observances like world disabled day provide a fantastic opportunity for businesses through corporate gifting – and fortunately there’s a wide variety of gifts to choose from. Choices can range from custom printed diaries, to branded notepads, stationary or even water bottles and coffee mugs among others. The level of customisation is entirely dependent on customer preferences. So, whether it is a simple message emphasising World Disabled Day, or a gifting concept that needs to be produced and customised from scratch, our team possesses the experience and capacity to deliver on your request. We also commit to reliable turnaround times and always deliver on our promises of quality and efficiency – no matter your purchase frequency or order volume! Ultimately, you can rest assured that no matter what you choose, your corporate gifting solution will achieve maximum impact on your target recipients when it comes to raising awareness around World Disabled Day.

Choosing the Best

As a long standing member of the Corporate Gifts Association of Southern Africa, Ignition has taken a stand against inferior promotional products and wavering service standards. We are dedicated to uplifting the reputation of the corporate gifting sector in SA by setting and maintaining the highest industry levels when it comes to repeatedly satisfying the specific needs of our growing list of clientele. We are committed to corporate social responsibility and we possess the infrastructure, product range, expertise and branding knowledge to help you develop the perfect promotional campaign relating to World Disabled Day.

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