Corporate Gifting – World Cancer Day

Corporate Gifting – World Cancer Day

On the 4th of February every year millions of people all over the globe unite in an ongoing effort to raise cancer-awareness. This is known as “World Cancer Day” and is founded on the backdrop of the World Cancer Declaration. This declaration is undergirded by several core objectives, including reducing cancer stigmas plus dispelling disturbing and all-too-common misconceptions. The ultimate aim is to educate and empower as many people as possible when it comes to coping with, fighting against, and even preventing the disease.

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Why align your marketing goals with World Cancer Day?

There are many business enterprises that have over the years committed themselves to supporting the above cause by aligning their CSR and CSI initiatives to appropriate marketing endeavours. The promotional gravity and positive impact on building brand power around a day that is dedicated to lowering the fatalities stemming from Cancer, is simply undeniable! This means that with the right investment you could not only promote your brand, appreciate employees, reinforce customer relationships, but also support a worthy and honourable cause.

How to get involved?

Whether you are a small startup or an established conglomerate, it is possible to either embark on a fresh or build on an existing marketing strategy that is linked to supporting World Cancer Day and its goals. As a corporate gifting veteran congruent in vision, goals and values to those epitomised by the CGASA, we are able to produce and supply products embodying the highest of standards. So, whether you are embarking on a pure marketing drive, an awareness campaign revolving around the underlying message of World Cancer Day or a combination of several altruistic and profit-driven objectives – we possess the expertise, market awareness and resources to help you achieve your desired results as quickly and cost-effectively as possible:

Create awareness while building loyalty

Your workforce is naturally key to the sustainable success of your business. A happy and well-appreciated staff complement is also a productive and high-spirited staff complement! When it comes to offering job satisfaction and a conducive work environment – nothing says it quite like a thoughtful gift. And the best part is you needn’t break the bank to achieve this goal!

We at Ignition remain at the forefront of trends and as our industry has grown so too has our product and service offering. We pride ourselves on stocking the most extensive range of corporate gifts, from smaller tokens of appreciation such as branded pens, to exclusive stationery hampers, to gifts for men and women, innovative gifts like customised memory sticks, to branded corporate gear – the list goes on.
If you have a unique design or concept in mind our creative team is also equipped to flesh out your desired product and channel it all the way through to sampling and production. These branded gifts whilst including your logo and relevant brand details or special message, can simultaneously be branded with a suitable World Cancer Day message or appropriate emblem.

Support the cause and ensure customer satisfaction

Your existing and potential clients are directly related to the growth of your business, its revenues and profits. Investing in these relationships on occasions such as World Cancer Day not only sends a message that your organisation is committed to social development and related goals, but also that you appreciate those who are, or will prospectively do business with you.

A branded corporate gift of recognisable quality, and one that’s useful and well matched to the recipient, will serve to reinforce the strength of your brand in the minds of your target market. Also – what better way for them to remember you and be reminded of your enterprise, than through the association of your “gesture of appreciation” with a day on the calendar marked by World Cancer Day – and others like it.

Be different

Any campaign – even if you intend on giving all related proceeds to charitable causes such as those attached to World Cancer Day – will have to “STAND OUT” if you are to be heard at all! Plus, the major bonus is, if your message on Cancer is heard and your support acknowledged by any community or group of individuals or enterprises – then you can rest assured that the label of your brand will also go hand in hand! This means that you are literally igniting your brand whilst advocating a cause that is to be saluted in this day and age.

Ignition can help differentiate your concept of corporate gifting in a number of ways. All our gifting categories are full of unique variations, apart from promotional branding and further customisation. Take notebooks for instance; we stock an array of types from larger leatherback, to pocket size eco-friendly notebooks, to folder-style, the list goes on! In addition to variations on style and colour you can – as mentioned – design your individual product and we will help you from start to finish! This means that over and above simple bracelets, bumper stickers and badges, you can opt for laptop cases, wine hampers and even electronic cigarettes that promote and support World Cancer Day.


Corporate social responsibility is growing ever more important as consumers are becoming more aware of the real power that businesses have to improve the world socially, environmentally and technologically. This is why these events are the perfect opportunity for businesses to fulfil their CSR, while boosting productivity at the office and client relationships too! You could also consider donating a certain amount on behalf of each of your employees with their consent, and then give them a small token of appreciation with a message attached explaining the donation and more on the significance of World Cancer Day. This way you are supporting the cause, while edifying your staff and helping them to also feel socially responsible.

For the widest range of premium quality corporate gifts and superior customer support contact our friendly staff today to discuss your branding and corporate gifting needs further.

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