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The Reseller Association of South Africa was founded in 2014 by Ignition Marketing’s CEO Greg Baleson who remains an active member of the board. When the previous association came to an end, Greg saw the need to unite the promotional products and corporate clothing industry in order to promote best business practices for ethical and responsible conduct. As a registered non-profit organisation, ROSA aims to protect and develop the industry as a whole through education, transparency and accountability.

The truth is that there are thousands of resellers in South Africa but far too many are fly-by-night operations who sell inferior quality products, give poor service and take consumers for a ride. ROSA aims to protect end users from this unethical behaviour and provide a platform to resolve any problems that arise.

Ignition Marketing is rated as a Premium Authorised Reseller and ROSA endorses and recommends Ignition Marketing for their consistently high standards of service. (highlight this sentence in some way maybe within quotes?)


  • Only vetted companies, whose main income source is obtained from promotional products and corporate clothing, can become ROSA accredited resellers. This means that as experienced specialists, we are focused on providing the best possible service to you, the end user.
  • ROSA resellers such as Ignition Marketing have an excellent track record and are well-known as established and respected businesses in the industry.
  • Authorised resellers are held accountable and expected to adhere to all the rules and regulations ROSA has put in place order to maintain service excellence.
  • By using the services of an accredited ROSA reseller such as Ignition Marketing, you are protected and are not supporting unethical, unreliable companies that can give the industry a bad name.
  • In the unlikely event that a dispute arises, end users are able to appeal to ROSA for assistance and the reseller involved risks losing their accreditation should the dispute not be resolved appropriately.

Make the obvious choice, choose Ignition as your trusted partner for all your corporate marketing needs!

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