Vehicle signage and vehicle wraps are both great ways of turning your employees’ company cars into moving billboards. Thousands of organisations across the country have taken to branding vehicles, with unprecedented levels of success.

Wrapping a vehicle refers to the marketing exercise of either wholly or partially wrapping a vehicle in advertising. While this used to be achieved by painting the vehicle’s outer surface, today’s techniques involve using large sheets of vinyl in the form of decals. This has made the whole process infinitely more cost-effective as they can be applied and removed with relative ease. Below we’ll look at some of the benefits associated with vehicle signage and wraps:

You can essentially turn a fleet of company cars into mobile billboards, taking your brand into several different parts of your city, thus exposing your brand to an entirely new market.

Vinyl wrapping can help protect a vehicle’s paintwork. Wrapping is especially useful if you employ travelling sales agents who spend large periods of time on the road. Wrapping a car can lead to lower maintenance costs on the vehicle’s paint job down the line.

Wrapping a vehicle doesn’t require much time – a smallish operation could get through two-three cars on a daily basis.

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