Get your brand known with large-format digital printing! At Ignition, we offer you the fantastic service of creating massive advertising billboards, building wraps and large posters. These can be ideally placed in highly visible locations to increase brand awareness and ultimately improve your market share.

Brand recognition: It is difficult to ignore expansive, well-crafted brand communications when you drive, walk or even fly past them – which is why large-format digital printing is an excellent choice for all brands who need to be known. Furthermore, this is one of the most cost-effective ways of creating thousands of impressions per day. Radio and television spaces are highly saturated with clutter, and are a lot easier to ignore than a massive, physical brand ambassador.

Super quality and brilliant colours: With large-format digital printing, you can also enjoy the fact that any imagery or graphics you choose to display will be presented with high resolution and spectacularly vivid colours. This is because, when working on a high scale, we essentially have more pixels to utilise. This allows us to craft super high resolution images that won’t appear smudged, blurred, dull or smeared – Ensuring your brand communications are received with utmost clarity.

So make the smart investment today and contact Ignition Marketing about acquiring your own large-format digital prints to display and represent your fantastic brand best.


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