Indoor Branding

Indoor Branding originated from common communication problems that people from all over the world experience.


We live in a world with countless languages and dialects and we can’t always explain what we mean without easy-to-understand imagery. We use clever indoor branding systems to display and convey brand messages and communications to the specific target market.
Custom Indoor Signs

In a world where brands need to constantly strive to offer more than competitors, we often have to consider more than just product lines and services.

Menu Boards

Innovation has always been a consistently effective method to acquire a greater consumer following.

Reception and Office Signs

If you follow the pattern that most businesses do, then your reception area is the first direct contact point that your customers will experience.

Indoor Branding Specialists

At Ignition Marketing, we offer a diverse selection of indoor signage, such as decals and labelling, reception and office signs, light box signs, as well as menu boards, amongst others. These can all be personalised and customised to bear your brand name, logo, message and contact details, while conveying important messages to consumers.

These include basic messages such as directions to the refreshment table or bathrooms, but can also broaden to brand communications that connect with your target market on their level. Whether you are holding an event, sprucing up your business premises or are simply eager to extend your brand reach into new territories – you can rely on personalised indoor signage to communicate your brand message to the consumers you want to connect with.

Take a look through our indoor signage range, including directional signs, neon signs, custom indoor signs and many more. We also have the capabilities of working with you to craft unique indoor signage that represents your brand and caters to your needs perfectly.

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