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A product’s packaging plays an influential role in consumers buying behaviour – which puts it in the basket of effective marketing tools. Consumers can easily identify their much-loved brands or be intrigued to try a new product on the market just by looking at how a product is packaged. In addition to drawing consumer’s attention, product packaging offers plenty of other uses, such as protecting the product and conveying important information to the consumer. Apart from packaging that speaks to the target audience, choosing recyclable and eco-friendly material promotes a product’s saleability value.

Design principles

Packaging that is clutter free and simple in design, conveying critical information quickly can often sell a product better than over-the-top overwhelming graphics that may be confusing at a glance. Packaging should be easily identifiable so that consumers can spot a brand’s product without difficulty among the array of competitor products on shelves. Packaging of products should incorporate three essential design elements: product name, slogan and description comprising of text and graphics.

Essential information on labels

Depending on the space allowed on the packaging label, there is essential information that needs to be displayed. Legislation requires certain products’ packaging labels to clearly make consumers aware of health warnings and instructions for safe use with the likes of medicinal products. Toys should have appropriate age guidelines included on packaging. Labels on food products need to have lists of ingredients, nutritional value and expiry dates displayed. A company’s contact details such as its website, email address or call centre number is also deemed necessary to be displayed.

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