Business Cards & Brochures – including folders and similar formats – are vital marketing tools that primarily focus on brand positioning to set your business apart from the competition as well as increase the visibility of your business while boosting sales. An effective marketing plan recognises the important role played by these printed forms of promotional material as they are often the first point of introduction to a business’ brand. This clearly emphasises the need for professionally planned and executed design followed up with high quality printing that adequately represents your company image as credibly as possible.


Central to the purpose of printing business cards and brochures is the forming of new relationships with potential customers as well as consolidating existing relationships. The essential design elements of these useful brand-building tools strengthen the position of a marketing strategy. Cost effective when printed in large volumes, business cards and brochures can be easily distributed to large groups at networking events, through letter boxes and at information kiosks in shopping centres.

 While a business card relies mainly on relaying important information such as contact details and a quick reference to the nature of a business (logo, slogan or positioning statement), brochures contain detailed compelling information related to products or services of a business directed to increasing sales.


Poorly designed business cards and brochures are clear indications that a business is not as professional as they may claim to be, and is the number one mistake business owners should avoid making. One often overlooked factor when printing promotional material is the quality of paper used. Only good quality paper will convey a good impression. With the diverse array of finishes (matte, gloss or satin) and textures (smooth or coarse) available, it is easy to create the exact image you desire.

Clever use of colour, decorative effects, background graphics and specialty papers can also provide superior looking business cards and brochures.


Our team of experienced designers and branding experts can help you create a comprehensive marketing package – from quality business cards to folders, pamphlets and much more. We strive to offer you maximum value by drawing on our years of industry-specific expertise.

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