Branded Gazebos

Branding is unfortunately becoming harder each day as consumers constantly create new filters to try and ignore the ‘advertising clutter’.

For this reason it’s vital to understand that you also need to communicate with your consumers on a ‘street level’. What we mean by communicating on street level is simply becoming more involved in events, promotions and basically activities that are centered on your target consumers and their attendance.

Branded Gazebos – Taking your Brand to Consumers

At Ignition our corporate branding methods include not only “design and print” and “certificates, awards and trophies”, but also “indoor and outdoor media”. Undoubtedly one of the most pronounced and interactive ways of directly reaching your target consumer is through the effective use of branded gazebos as one aspect of your marketing plan.

An attractive display under a distinct and suitably branded gazebo – at expos, business fairs and even outside or within designated high foot-traffic zones in shopping malls – can be a highly effective form of direct advertising as it creates a unique opportunity for new customers and leads to find out more about your offering .

By communicating with your target audience “personally”, in the places that they frequent, you are firstly and importantly validating your commitment to customer service. Secondly, you are also able to gain invaluable insight into their purchasing behavior, including likes and dislikes in order to further enhance your product or service. Understanding your target clients’ specific needs is a sure way to develop trust and gain loyal repeat customers!

Branded Gazebos – Strong Brand Presence

Apart from providing shade, adding structure and aesthetic appeal – branded gazebos also help to reinforce your brand identity in other ways.

They increase your brand visibility as they are designed to stand out from their surroundings and literally create a presence for your business with seamless ease in any environment.

This also makes the tasks of your promoters that much more effective! Branded gazebos can also, in essence, serve as a headquarters for promotional activities in a particular area. At the same time consumers can directly approach your “manned gazebo” for more details on your brand or campaign. Gazebos also prove to be effective at one to two day events, like the Midmar Mile or local air shows to name just two.

Branded Gazebos – Gazebos as Gifting Investments

Although the price of a gazebo is significantly more than many other branded gifts, the expense can be money very well spent as people are far more likely to accept and use a gift that they want but can’t fit into their budget. If they are carefully given away to outdoor enthusiasts through competitions or activities, these outdoors-men are very likely to take the branded gazebo to similar events in the future. There your brand presence and message can reach up to thousands of potential customers – without any further effort or cost from your side!

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