Branded & Promotional T-Shirts

You may be quite surprised at how the seemingly simple idea of Promotional T-Shirts can influence your brand.

From internal corporate clothing to t-shirt giveaway” at small or large-scale events and competitions – branded t-shirts can certainly achieve what even formidable teams of active promoters often fail to accomplish! This is simply due to the sheer practicality and immense reach of such a corporate gift when it comes to conveying your brand’s message uniquely and effectively.



Branded Work Clothes and uniforms are designed with the intention of fostering one accord in terms of ‘dress code’. When employees are wearing the same or similar clothes they are more inclined to work in harmony as a professional team, fully understanding that they are all equal contributors to the corporate vision. T-shirt printing as such also allows your brand to change the uniform at will and provide campaign or milestone specific uniforms. This makes sense in our dynamic and highly evolutionary marketplace. This way you can celebrate an achievement for your brand whilst simultaneously promoting cohesiveness within your workforce!

T-SHIRT PRINTING – Team Cohesiveness

You may decide that each department in your business should have a slightly different uniform in order to create distinctive identity, structure, as well as hierarchy. This is also a great idea when you are trying to promote the effectiveness and cohesiveness of small teams within your brand. For example, an IT department with their own specific shirts could easily be identified by all employees and stakeholders, which could even raise certain efficiencies and cut out lags such as communication delays.

Branded T-SHIRT – Advertise Specifics

Different campaigns and milestones may certainly call for different uniforms. Your brand may be celebrating a 50 year jubilee or launching a great new product line that you want everyone to know about. Print those t-shirts and give them away to more than just your employees. You can expect a large percentage of all consumers who receive promotionally branded clothing to not only keep the clothing but also wear it for a significant length of time. This is why investing in quality branded corporate clothing is essential as it promotes both the longevity and potential use of the garment. Furthermore, this is a potentially enormous amount of advertising through branded t-shirts that you can’t afford to miss out on!

T-SHIRT PRINTING – The Stylish Brand Ambassador

Every contact point that your brand can use should always be used to its greatest effect! There are no rules at all stating that your brand’s uniform or promotional clothing can’t be stylish – and furthermore, well-designed uniforms are far more likely to create healthy recognition and strong brand associations. Great ways to use branded t-shirts is by giving them away at pinnacle events that are associated with your brand and its stages of development. A local recording studio, for example, could hand out printed t-shirts to band members and fans at a music festival so that through an investment of say 500 shirts, you can potentially touch multiplied thousands of prospective customers for months and even years to come!


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