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No matter where or how corporate clothing is being utilised, the biggest and most beneficial factor to consider, is branding. Many companies are recognisable through their corporate uniforms.


As rightly said, a man is known by the company he keeps and the company he works in is known by the clothes their people wear. Their brand or product image gets elevated when their professionals are seen in smart uniforms. Our corporate clothing solutions fits all business sizes and industries. We have high quality corporate clothing solutions at the best prices in South Africa!

Best Corporate Clothing For 2021

With over 12,000 promotional clothing products in our showroom, it’s very difficult to find the best Corporate Clothing for your needs. Often we need to send suggestions to our customers for our top Corporate Clothing for 2019. Having the best Corporate Clothing product will make a huge impact on your corporate identity. Below we focused on showcasing our most latest Corporate Clothing products for 2019.

Our most popular corporate clothing categories

We will help you choose the best Corporate Clothing for your company

Why Corporate Clothing is Important

Whatever your requirement, we have the right expertise, experience and creative professionals to give you a corporate clothing and apparel solution. If you are a hotel and need chef caps or aprons, we have them. If you run a construction company and want to give your workers safety clothes with protective head gear etc., we can do that. If you are running a creative set-up and want your people to look on the same page even when wearing casual clothing, you can go for branded t-shirts. Look no further for corporate clothing suppliers South Africa.

Let the Best Corporate Clothing Suppliers South Africa Serve You!

If you are searching for corporate clothing suppliers in Cape Town, your search ends with Ignition Marketing.

Sometimes it is also important for workers to wear protective clothing according to rules and regulations. Sometimes, you may need promotional t-shirts for a fun outing with your team or even for a conference.

We have a solution for every demand when it comes to corporate clothing in Durban. Just browse through our clothing section and you can find hordes of designs and materials. We can cater to all your custom requirement for clothing too.

Why Use Corporate Clothing

We specialize in promotional clothing! Corporate clothing generates ‘specific attention’ whether in your organization or outside of the workplace. In addition to being user-friendly, branded wear, like other corporate gifts, can also be tailored specifically with great attention to detail. For instance, Branded Jackets and Golf Shirts, targeted at the right time means that the corporate clothing is both practical and a very effective form of advertising your brand in the mall, on the soccer field, and so on.

Your employees are also recognized as key assets, instrumental to the success of your business. Specific corporate clothing also improves ‘corporate culture’, as a habit of business people dressing corporately creates an environment conducive to performance, mutual respect and generally a higher standard of professionalism. Other benefits of corporate clothing include the ‘free advertising’ mentioned; it’s also a thoughtful gesture and ‘stress eliminator’ for employees who don’t have money to spend on work clothes. Generally, you can expect improved confidence or appreciation – especially if the attire has been thought-out and is of a high quality and standard!

Corporate clothing has the potential to not only elevate internal morale and dedication, but it also offers a point of contact for the public to relate to and act upon. Customers want to be able to ‘place’ a specific business. Researchers have found that during political campaigns many people will only vote for political candidates they can place or ‘uniquely identify’ for instance, single father, lobbyist of ‘eco-friendly’ campaigns and so on. Now the same powerful principle can be applied to your branded corporate clothing. Distinguish you’re your brand in a meaningful and cost-effective way today in order to capitalize on these great advantages.

Standing out from the competition today will assure your business of tomorrow’s sustainable success!

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