Guide Your Brand Through the Dark with Top Quality Torches

Blackouts, breakdowns, extreme adventures, ghost stories under the covers, all of these scenarios include a trusted torch. A Torch is a versatile and helpful item that is used almost daily by some. At Ignition we have a range of branded torches that span from the standard handheld torch to keying cob torches. Our impressive selection is extensive and unique. Furthermore, our promotional torches come in a variety of designs, shapes, colors and sizes, which makes the process of adding your specifications to it seamless.

All of our torches boast customized craftsmanship and are only made of first-rate materials that ensure durability. Whether they are used indoors or outdoors they are built to be dependable, so when necessitated, you certainly won’t be left in the dark. Our corporate torches also represent the latest tech with innovative features like adjustable modes, range of light, and even Bluetooth capabilities. 

Essentially, the selection of torches we have caters to all your marketing needs, be it huge events or roadside promotions, our torches will help illuminate your brand.

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