2020 Corporate Gifts and Clothing Holiday Marketing Calendar

You have to target holidays throughout this year to ensure you out grow your competition in 2020. To make your 2020 year even more profitable, we have put together a list of important holidays for you to prepare your promotional gifts and clothing for these days.

There are so many days to market, as everyday is a celebration for something in the world, for example “Walk a Puppy day”, which is on the 22nd of February. We have only selected the most important days for our South African market to ensure you don’t waste your budgets on unnecessary special occasions. It is very important to understand which event days are related to your business and how you can tap into the celebrating market.

How Gifts and Clothing can be combined for events

It’s often difficult for clients to understand how important promotional gifts and branded clothing can be used to build an audience on these special and eventful days. We are here to ensure you own these special days with your brand and to showcase your special message to your receiver about how special the customer is to your company and brand.

Some brands have done this wrong, and to avoid your brand going down the same road as these brands, will ensure the success of your marketing campaign. With us we help you align your target audience and brand with the best picked corporate gifting solution.

The 2020 Corporate Gift and Clothing Event List

These events are the best and most popular days to engage with customers and staff, and establishing new business relationships. The main focus for corporate gifts and corporate clothing is to build relationships with your customers and staff to your brand.

  1. Valentines Day – 14 Febuary
  2. Human Rights Day – 21 March
  3. Easter – 12 April
  4. Workers Day – 1 May
  5. Mandela Day – 18 July
  6. Women’s Day – 9 August
  7. Spring Day – 1 September
  8. Secretary’s Day – 2 September
  9. Heritage Day (Braai Day) – 24 September
  10. Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October
  11. Bosses Day – 16 October
  12. World Aids Day – 1 Descember
  13. Year End Gifts – November to December

With so many days to market your brand to customers and to build meaningful relationships with other businesses can be costly. But we have a wide range of products to cater to all budgets, from small gifts to hand out at events to specialized executive gifts for Bosses Day.

Contact Us for the best corporate gifting and clothing solutions in South Africa.

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