Marketing Your Brand at a Race or Marathons?

Races and marathons offer ideal platforms for business sponsorships and brand promotion. How many times have you receive a branded product at a race or a marathon? This is where promotional products have the biggest influence on the receiver. Athletes and races themselves normally have a very wide audience, making promotional corporate items, such as branded t-shirts, very effective channels of brand communications.

POP UP BANNERS We have a diverse array of quality promotional gifts and branded clothing designed to specifically target your market via these events. Having branded gazebos are a must at these events as your brand is much more exposed to everyone participating in the event. Have a look at our branded display categories to find the perfect outdoor branding method to showcase your stand at the next race.

Consider branded gifts like promotional water bottles, sweat towels and running as well as cycling accessories. These can effectively carry your unique brand identity into the community at large and the homes of prospective customers. Similarly you may decide to sponsor your own runners or cyclists and kit them out with suitably branded clothing and accessories. You could even have them represent some of the lesser known facets of your unique brand.

Contact Ignition today for more assistance with your corporate gifting strategy related to races, marathons and similar events.

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