Appropriate back-to-work gifting solution!

It’s amazing how a well timed and carefully selected back-to-work corporate gift can transform a daunting return for most, into a welcoming and productive arrival! And what better choice than the unmistakable simplicity and effectiveness of office stationery! From branded pens, to a variety of notebooks, promotional rulers, to hampers and much more – we are stocked, equipped and ready to help you find or even create the perfect back-to-work office stationery gift!

No matter your enterprise size or industry focus we’ll help you develop the appropriate back-to-work gifting solution – be it for clients, employees or other valuable stakeholders. As out-of-the-box thinkers and having studied various brand development strategies over the years, we understand that corporate gifts such as office stationery needn’t always be simplified and ‘boring’. From “fun” office stationery with bright colours to simple but elegant options, we’re able to supply you with finely crafted products that will speak volumes in terms of quality and the value that you place on those receiving them.

Our comprehensive range of back-to-work office stationery gifts has helped many small and large enterprises commence each New Year with astoundingly successful promotional drives. Yes, apart from reinforcing important relationships, office stationery – especially as back-to-work gifts – remain one of the most effective brand ambassadors! The importance of stationery will never fade. Their frequency of use and virtually constant visibility in the work environment make them among the most memorable office tools.

Apart from being great reminders to those who use office stationery, quality and functionality are also recognisable attributes. This is why we at Ignition have made an ongoing commitment to only deal with the most credible of brands and manufacturers – coupled with enforcing the highest production standards possible. This assures customers of durability and gifts that function as intended for longer, thereby also representing the underlying “brand message” for longer and with greater force!

As mentioned, we also have the capability of working with you to custom-design and produce back-to-work gifts specific to your detailed requirements. Regardless of the shape, size and colour of the desired gift, we will help you design and manufacture your gifts in accordance with your core promotional objectives. When it comes to branding your back-to-work office stationery you can expect precise results that authentically represent your brand at all times.


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