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Back-to-work client gifts truly have a unique place and an important role to play in the business world. Corporate client gifts at a basic level are a way of saying thank you to your customers for their continued patronage and trust. It is a form of brand communication that goes way beyond a simple handshake and lets them know exactly how valuable they are. There is no quicker and stronger way to reinforce vital partnerships than by demonstrating sincere appreciation – and few would argue the effectiveness of a gift! This is where well presented and well timed back-to-work client gifts outclass other mediums of expressing this type of gratitude.

The first misconception one has to dispel before going further is that “a corporate gift has to be expensive and over the top”, if you are to make a solid impression on clients. This is pure fallacy, and the secret really lies in creating value for your client by providing a useful gift that illustrates thoughtfulness and is based on a high standard of workmanship. Ignition’s range of back-to-work client gifts is conveniently designed around offering the widest range of products, catering for unique preferences and different budgets. We are able to customise your back-to-work client gift to the finest of detail, as well as work within the confines of your budget.

Another pitfall to avert is limiting the effectiveness of your back-to-work client gift due to poor communication and poor timing. This is unnecessary and can be easily avoided.  As a best practice it is thus recommended that the purpose of each corporate gift be clarified. Either your delivery mechanism, platform of presentation, personalised message or other form of communication should ideally confirm the motivation behind your client gift. While some argue that it is implied, ratifying it often helps to strengthen the impact of the gesture.

Furthermore, always ensure that your client gifts targeted at specific events, celebrations and milestones are precisely timed so that they do not arrive a day or several days too late! With back-to-work gifts in particular it’s important to take note of when your customer returns to work – a gift that’s clearly ‘expressed’, well-presented and arrives on day-one after returning from the holidays, will definitely impress your client.

So reinvigorate your most valuable relationships in the New Year with back-to-work client gifts that truly lets them know how much you value them. Personalise your corporate gift as you see fit, or consult with our creative team to help you further! View our comprehensive online catalogue and browse the host of available client gifting options.

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