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The business environment is becoming far more specialised than it ever has been in the past – and this includes recruitment. Many companies have specifically chosen individual employees to work for them based on their great attitude, skill and work-ethic. No longer is business simply about being able to do the job, but it is now rather about who can perform the task with the highest standard of excellence. It’s only fitting, therefore, to pay due attention to appreciating the efforts of your employees. In this regard suitable back to work staff gifts over the January and February period will go a long way into building your staff loyalty, and encouraging them to be even more productive for the remainder of the year!

In many cases employee appreciation as such is actually quite a rare commodity in the business world. This partly accounts for the high staff turnover rate in general. In fact, many employees interviewed and questioned in various surveys aren’t shy to explain their dissatisfaction owing to a perception of feeling, essentially, “underappreciated”. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to affect all businesses since it really doesn’t take much to show employees that you do value their ongoing efforts and commitment.

A simple gesture every now and then is all that’s really needed to boost morale, increase motivation and enhance general productivity. Useful back to work staff gifts of good quality offer a dual benefit in the sense that they are also powerful mediums to advertise your brand. This brand ambassador value is amplified as employees and recipients continually use your gift in and out of the office.

The versatility of our range means that staff gifts can also be directed at appreciating your clients and even their staff. This type of back to work staff gifting campaign expands your reach by reinforcing your brand in the minds of existing and new market segments. Our unique approach to corporate gifting allows you the benefit of a tailored product and service offering. We are also able to work with you to ideate and develop entire internal and external brand strategies based on staff gifts, with the motive of meeting and exceeding your marketing plan objectives.

With over ten years of specialised experience we are well positioned to provide each of our customers with target-driven corporate gifting solutions. Our extensive catalogue of corporate gifts means that your ideal staff gift is just a click or phone call away! Visit our online catalogue or contact us directly today!

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