Women’s Day Corporate Gifts

Women’s Day is an ideal opportunity for you to build positive relationships & create affinity with your brand. We will assist you with our fabulous range of suitable women’s day gifts and enable you to show your appreciation on the 9th August. Let us celebrate women!

Our Best Women’s Day Promotional Gifts for 2021

Get the best Women’s Day Corporate Gifts for your Women’s Day celebration this 2021! We have narrowed your search down with these amazing products, which can easily match your brand.


Positively using National Women’s Day to market your business

While most of us are aware that when receiving gifts it is indeed the thought that counts, nobody wants to receive a poorly designed and manufactured gift. This is especially true if you’re going to be sending these gifts out to other companies, as they may well make judgements about you and your business as a whole on the sort of gifts they receive. This is a fantastic opportunity nonetheless for your business or organisation to honour the women around you.

Showing appreciation for female employees or clients on this day can help your business or organisation honour the legacy of the marchers who famously stood up against the tyranny of the pass laws. Also by associating your brand with a commendable cause, you are likely to boost your public reputation and turn many more leads to sales.

Gifting ideas for National Women’s Day

We at Ignition Marketing understand your business’ unique needs and requirements. We stock an incredibly vast range of women’s day gifting items, all of which can be completely customised and tailored as required. There are number of gifts available in our catalogue that are perfect for treating your female staff and clients; from vanity sets, to luxury bath salts and bubble baths, to customisable stationary sets and potted plants and flowers – there’s plenty to look forward to.

A brief history about the event

The framework for this mass protest had been put into place by June / July of 1956 with the Federation of South African Women (FSAW) having sent out representatives to all corners of the country. These representatives were to liaise with local leaders in a number of communities in order to gather support for the cause. The idea was to march to the Union Buildings in order to hand in a petition signed by more than 100 000 South Africans to then Prime Minister J.G. Strijdom requesting an end to the pass laws.

On the day of the event up to 20 000 women gathered outside of the Union Buildings carrying sacks of bundled petitions collected from all over the country. The women; many of them dressed in traditional attire or in the colours of the ANC famously sang: “Strijdom, you have tampered with the women, you have struck a rock.” Neither the Prime Minister nor his staff received the protesters so the bundles of petitions were left at the door of the buildings. Following the singing, the women stood in dead silence for around 30 minutes, at the suggestion of Lilian Ngoyi. And with massive success seeing that this changed the way many South African’s viewed women in politics. The marchers’ exemplary behaviour has stood the test of time and is honoured today with the celebration of National Women’s Day.

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