Website Design and Development

Quality web design and development is a profusely important investment. In many ways, your website will be the face of your business with hundreds, if not thousands of existing and potential clients viewing it every day.
It therefore makes sense that you should enlist the services of a quality team of web designers to create a website that speaks to your target market.

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Getting to know The Lingo

Content Management System (CMS)

Content for your website, whether it is visual, audio or just text needs to be updated in order to remain relevant. A CMS allows for content to be created via an editor in a web browser.

Organic VS Paid Search Results

Search Engine Optimisation employs widely accepted methods to optimise web pages to compete for top positions. These methods deliver organic search engine results. PPC (Pay Per Click) / Google AdWords refers to bidding for keywords and subsequently paying for top positions on search engine results.



HyperText Markup Language, commonly referred to as HTML, is the standard markup language used to create web pages. HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard since the inception of the World Wide Web.


A domain name is your address on the internet. A catchy domain name will help people find your website and remember your brand.


Our marketing related services and products offer you endless choice
so that your visions and expectations are met each time we engage your brand, clients and message.

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Website Design and Development
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Online marketing has become one of the most important marketing channels for businesses across the world over the last few years. It is incredibly rare to see a new business succeed without having some kind of online presence. The team at Ignition Marketing have noticed this trend and now offer a wide range of online marketing services specifically designed to develop your organisation’s online presence.

We also offer website design and development, website maintenance, content management services, e-commerce systems, affiliate marketing as well as graphic design services. Get in touch with us today to find out how our online marketing services can give your business the competitive edge.

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