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The power of seasoned promotional companies and their well-positioned products – such as tasteful corporate gifts and branded gear – cannot be overemphasised!

Promotional campaigns go beyond an employee dressed in a chicken suit, giving away pamphlets at the robots! Carefully formulated marketing endeavours, accompanied by especially branded gifts, offer several advantages over traditional methods. They provide a platform on which to initiate or encourage healthy two-way communication with your precise target audience. This builds intimacy, reinforces the foundation for repeat business and brings more customers directly to you – rather than having to chase them, clients will be queuing for you!

Promotional companies at the forefront of the industry specialise in providing targeted products and a comprehensive “branding strategy” to give your product or service maximum visibility. This is part of our commitment at Ignition and the success of our loyal customer base gives us the assurance that we understand the unique needs of our consumers.


Almost all consumers are willing to take a free promotional item as they pass by, even if they don’t necessarily want the item. Nevertheless, these items, usually functional trinkets like pencils or key-rings, have far more potential than you might imagine at first. Additionally, consumers who take promotional items that they don’t use, tend to give them away to people who will use them – rather than simply discarding them. So, even the promotional items that you originally thought were being wasted are in fact reaching customers who would otherwise be out of your radius.


Calendars, inexpensive clocks and small functional items are great investments as they are able to clearly communicate your brand and message to the consumer every time they view it. Although this may not represent your entire brand development strategy, it will certainly keep your brand in front of their minds! A consistent approach and a regular investment in corporate gifts from reputable promotional companies will allow you to create a significant competitive edge. The quality and value of your promotional item creates a differential advantage that increases the chances of your ideal customer choosing to support you.


Although promotional companies offer gifting solutions focused on spreading your message into communities, their offering can be used equally well to motivate or reward your employees. Sometimes all that is needed to boost efficiency and the attitudes of your valuable personnel are for employees to know they are appreciated. The items that you choose to give your employees may coincide with your brand’s service or product offerings, so as to remind them of the core identity of the brand. Alternately, a simple gesture of appreciation or acknowledgement of their efforts or contribution, by rewarding them with a corporate hamper or personalised gift will also keep them motivated.

Promotional companies help your brand communicate on a consumer level by creating reciprocal interactions between your brand ambassadors and potential customers that you may never have reached before!


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