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We at Ignition marketing are determined to provide only the best quality branded sports clothing that enhances your life in and out of the workplace. Health is a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being which makes sport the key to a perfectly balanced life. Corporate gifting through sports clothing can greatly benefit your company and individual recipients alike.

Our collection extends from classic golf day apparel and dry fit tights to gear for those intense ball games and swimming meads. The aim is to have you covered with long lasting, durable active wear no matter what the occasion or need.

At Ignition Marketing, we supply trendy and flexible sportswear or apparel that have both style and comfort in mind. This range offers corporate sports clothing that creates a strong and confident brand image or representation. Whether you are an avid sports fan or a total comfort seeker, our garments will appeal to everyone. We strive for detailed and tailored garments that provide the perfect fit.

Why choose promotional sports clothing:

  • Sport is a social activity and by implementing sportswear into your corporate gifting scheme you can ensure your brand or company gets maximum marketing exposure. This will help with the growth and expansion of your business.
  • Sportswear can boost team spirit and morale throughout the staff and client circle, helping develop and maintain existing relationships and create new ones. This can also lead to greater efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
  • The affiliation of your company or brand to sport will give you a positive image and reveal to the public, employees and clients that you possess a sense of awareness towards a balanced lifestyle, this in turn reflects positively on the company’s standards and values.

It’s hard not to enjoy sport in a country as beautiful as South Africa, which is why we have dedicated an entire range of promotional, branded and corporate gifts specifically to sport. From tog-bags to backpacks and even sporting-specific attire like shin pads – we provide brands with unique gifting solutions so that they can spread their targeted brand communications in the most effective and sustainable manner.

Our promotional corporate sports gifts are manufactured by highly reputable suppliers and can even be further customised to meet your business or campaign-specific branding needs. We have gifts for both casual and serious sports enthusiasts that will not only provide the recipients with immediate benefits, but also carry your brand message into the homes and personal lives of potential customers.

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