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Clothing represents a visual image which leaves a lasting impression. That’s why here at Ignition Marketing we take a tailored approach to all of our clothing options. We provide exclusive apparel that has limitless flexibility paired with premium branding. Ignition integrates the various elements that you want to represent through your branded clothing.

Our garments are designed to physically embody your company’s brand and vision, thus you can achieve the image you desire. All of our clothing is made of high-quality material and possesses a unique blend of style and versatility. Our corporate clothing reflects the passion we have for the image you present to the world with a specified shape and fit that ensures comfort. The available options are perfect for any function, occasion and purpose from boardroom meetings to outdoor adventures. We keep a keen eye out for the trends with promotional clothing which ensures you not only have great exposure but also an up to date look.

We have a well-balanced collection that aims for style, functionality and pricing. Ignition is focused on providing a design that is custom made to your company’s needs. We have a wide range, available in a variety of colours, fits and sizes that can appeal to any business, organisation or person. From sportswear and sweaters to professional golfers and dresses we have a broad spectrum of garments. You will never be short of options with Ignition Marketing. The aim is promotion through clothing that ultimately provides you with a professional corporate image.

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