Heineken Presentation

Heineken is easily one of the world’s favourite beers with a significant presence in just about every country in the world. The brand has reinforced its position as a global leader with its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League – the planet’s premier club football competition.

Below we’ll explore a few of the products that Ignition Marketing has supplied to Heineken to complement their brand development and communication objectives:

The Stadium wristwatch incorporates effortless style with outstanding functionality and build-quality. All of these factors have combined to bring you one of Ignition Marketing’s most popular products.

Another excellent earphone product includes the beautifully packaged and presented Silly Buds. The clever design allows them to be wrapped up so that they do not become tangled up in your pocket. As an ambassador of industry excellence, it follows that Heineken seek quality branded products that reflect the same standards. This popular product caters for crispness of sound on par with some of the world’s leading electronic brands.

The Head Start range of headphones is another great gifting or giveaway option, designed to conveniently fold away neatly when not being used.

Other branded Heineken products include the Slap On two tone wristwatch and the Sticky Beats wireless speakers for your mobile device among others.

Contact the team here at Ignition Marketing today to learn more about our extensive range of products and to find out how we can help bolster your corporate image and promotional strategies.

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