Push pause. Use remarketing to increase sales.

Failing to convert your website traffic into quality leads? This also means missing out on low hanging fruit (i.e. your most ideal and easiest to capture customers), simply because your visitors aren’t enquiring further about your products or services. This is where remarketing comes in as a powerful tool!


As a start-up or growing business, failing to optimise the chances of converting your primary enquirers or web visitors into sales can be disastrous. The sustainability of your business is dependent on the ability to efficiently and effectively deliver a primary offering to your core market. The core market of course is built up of your most relevant clients or those potentially closest to turning / converting from prospects into actual revenue.

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What are Remarketing banners?

Remarketing banners offer a simple yet innovative solution that encourages high lead conversion-rates. They are essentially targeted adverts directed specifically at individuals who have browsed your website. Plus – you can even channel very specific ads so they correspond to individual pages visited.


How does Remarketing work?

As mentioned above, remarketing enables you to focus adverts at people who have already visited your website. These adverts can, for instance, appear on Youtube or other sites with banner advertising. The approach is highly strategic in regards to maximising relevant reach to certain prospects who are not only interested in your industry, but whose needs likely align closely to your unique offering.


Remarketing – A Versatile Solution

As a business you may be focusing on key agendas like driving up leads, bolstering revenues, fostering wide-scale brand awareness or promoting one or several facets of the operation. In all these instances, remarketing can prove to be most advantageous. Here are 6 major benefits of a well implemented Remarketing Strategy:

  • Potentially reach all your website visitors
  • Showcase a wide range of products and product categories
  • Appeal to visitors who failed to convert (enquire or order)
  • Re-engage visitors interested in your product / service, but who may have abandoned their shopping carts for one or other reason
  • Potential to easily up-sell or cross-sell to existing customers by reminding them of offerings
  • Reach customers within specified time periods, after successful purchases.

Allow Ignition to help you develop the ideal remarketing campaign for your business. Contact us today for a risk-free quote or for further information.

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