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Google AdWords is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to connect with new customers, thus growing your business. And while many business owners have heard about this service offering from Google, many don’t quite understand it. Below we’ll focus more closely on what Google AdWords is and how it can benefit your business.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords, simply put, is the system Google has established and developed in order to help businesses market products and services within its search engine and other affiliated websites. These adverts appear in the form of “sponsored links” and will comprise of a headline (made up of no more than 25 characters), two lines of text (35 characters in each line) and a display URL (35 characters).

These adverts are particularly clever in the way in which they work because they make use of your company’s location. Let’s say for instance you run an antique store in Sandton. You can select your ad to only appear to customers in that particular area, and when someone in that area searches for “antique furniture”, your advert will appear next to the search, allowing potential customers to click on it and engage with your company.

Google uses cost-per-click or CPC bidding. This means that you’re only charged when somebody clicks on your ad. Google have a comprehensive range of packages available to suit all types of businesses – big or small.

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