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E-commerce systems have become an integral part of the modern business world. Purchasing items in-store works quite similarly to purchasing items from a website, in that everything is centred on a transaction. A transaction can be described as, “an agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange goods, services or financial instruments.”

In a more traditional shop you simply take the item you wish to purchase from a shelf to the checkout point and complete the transaction there. When purchasing from an online store you will not be able to physically interact with the item you’ve purchased until it arrives at your home via the postal services or a courier.

This makes shopping for goods online slightly trickier than it would be ordinarily. A sound e-commerce system will ideally comprise of three main parts: an online store, a database as well as a dispatch system. The storefront will allow customers to view and select the items they wish to buy as well as with linking to banks in order to check card information. The database will monitor stock quantities and sometimes automatically order new items should stock drop below minimum levels. The dispatch system communicates orders to the warehouse where the goods can be located and sent off to the buyers.

Our experts can assist you in designing and building your e-commerce platform or with enhancing your existing website for improved results.


Get in touch with Ignition Marketing today to learn more about how our outstanding e-commerce systems can help your online store.

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