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Do you want to earn commission by promoting other peoples products and services that you think your customers will benefit from? Enrich your customers’ experience on your website by promoting products you think they will like and earn profits if they purchase those products. It’s a win win.

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby an online advertiser or trader will enlist the services of a webmaster in order to place the trader’s banner advertisements on their own site. The webmaster will then receive either a small referral fee or commission when a browser clicks on the advert and performs an action on the trader’s website. This will usually involve purchasing something or signing up for a mailing list.

There are two ways to approach this type of marketing. You can either offer up your own website for an affiliate program or you can register to become another business’ affiliate. It’s usually a good idea to partner yourself with a website that is in the same industry as you, but is not a direct competitor. A good example of this would be hardware store paying a home renovation business for an advertisement on their website. This will ensure that your advert is seen by consumers who fall into your target market. Our team of professionals will be able to answer your questions and provide you with tailored solutions for your brand.

Contact the team at Ignition Marketing to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can either promote your business on someone else’s website, or earn a residual income for your own business by becoming an affiliate.

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