There comes a time in every brand’s life where it must evolve, connect and grow in order to survive.


This is certainly one of the most difficult challenges that many brands face, however, as innovation is often expensive and unfortunately doesn’t have a money-back guarantee. This is why we at ignition Marketing have decided to offer our fantastic brand activation services.
Brand Analysis

Brand analysis is a service that helps you understand the many different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your brand.

Brand Communication

As defined, brand communication is the combination of activities, messages and contact points that influence customers’ opinions of a brand.

Brand Experience

Brand experience refers to the many different experiences, emotions, desires and considerations that your consumers will have in regards to your brand.

Brand Relevance

In our modern world, there are so many different brands, service providers and independent products available to consumers that it is no easy task to remain on top.

Product Launches

Product launches are some of the most exciting times for a brand. However, they can also be highly detrimental to a brand when a lack of careful consideration is apparent in planning and execution.

Brand MARKETING Specialists

Make your brand come alive and develop a unique personality that your target market can connect with and trust with our brand activation services. From developing corporate identities to brand analysis and product launches, as well as entire rebranding campaigns when necessary, we cater to all your branding needs to get you back on top.

The secret to our success is our highly skilled and passionate team of individuals, each with over ten years of experience in the advertising and marketing industries. With this complement of staff at your disposal, you can truly dominate the market with campaigns, strategies and simple tactics that will help you develop personal relationships with each and every customer.

Contact Ignition Marketing if you are seeking to get your brand back on track or to gain a competitive advantage that guarantees effective and long-lasting results.

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