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Innovation has always been a consistently effective method to acquire a greater consumer following. This can become difficult, however, in the restaurant and refreshments industry, where most of the easy innovations have already been utilised and not much is left to be ‘discovered’. This is about to change though, as we introduce our range of personalised menu boards.

Communicate with your target market like never before with menu boards that bring some extra fun to the table, add eloquence to a dining hall or simply represent your unique brand. Whether you are looking for simple or complex designs, we are here to help you acquire the ideal design for your brand. With Ignition, you can choose to design pop-out menus that bring life to your kids menu, menu’s that fold and turn, rather than flip like a book, or even simple menus that bring one of your unique features to light.

Aside from the branding benefits, you can also enjoy simply having a fantastic menu to offer your customers. This will ensure that your customers can easily read the excellent meals, refreshments of other products you have to offer, while generating stronger personal associations with your brand.


If you are eager to upgrade to personalised menu boards, simply contact Ignition Marketing here.

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