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In a world where brands need to constantly strive to offer more than competitors, we often have to consider more than just product lines and services. A great brand not only offers products and services that satisfy customers, but also creates a unique identity that customers can enjoy, as well as personally connect with. This is no easy task, however, which is why we offer custom indoor signs.

Enhancing your brand identity

With custom indoor signs, you can ensure that your brand identity shines through all contact points. For example, if your brand designs and sells figurines, you could change your typical male and female toilet signs to silhouettes of your top selling male and female figurines. This helps to fortify your brand identity as any consumers, as well as employees, who see it are reminded of your top-of-the-range product line.

While this technique does seem very simple, the truth is that you need specialised services that can identify the key factors that make your brand unique and accentuate them. Another fine example along these lines is how a demolitions company could have a sign designed like a wrecking ball smashing into a wall. This could signify work in progress, imminent premises upgrades and much more, and demands attention and intrigue from anyone who comes into contact with it.


If you are excited to fortify your brand identity and acquire custom indoor signs that express particular aspects about your brand, simply contact Ignition Marketing now.

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