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Litho printing has humble origins dating back to the late 1790s, yet this versatile printing technique remains a popular printing choice today. The long lasting superior quality of printing results is the top reason why, despite the introduction of other printing technologies, litho printing continues its forceful presence in the printing world and is favoured by many customers.

Cost-effective printing solutions

The price of printing can raise a business’ overheads, but with proper planning there is no need for printing costs to go through the roof. The unit cost of bulk printing is relatively lower compared to smaller printing quantities. Litho printing offers cost-effective printing solutions to large and small businesses across industries, schools and other educational institutions and organisations. The wealth of money saving benefits for customers offered by this inventive printing technology includes diversity in colour options and the durability of quality printing.

Diversified printing

Where quality over time is a bigger factor, litho printing is more of a benefit to consumers. This type of printing is also more advantageous for high capacity printing requirements such as when printing books, posters, newsletters, labels, maps, flyers, branded stationery, business cards and brochures. Litho printing also offers versatility for specialist needs in that a variety of popular materials can be printed on apart from paper, such as metal, diverse cloth materials, wood and plastic.

Traditional lithography has evolved to incorporate technical advancements that have allowed modern printers to accommodate unique and unusual printing needs such as the thickness and size of paper, special finishes and uncommon printing surfaces in an affordable price range. Improvements in technology also provide printing results that incorporate the perfect accuracy of colour (to the precision of metallic inks) desired. For printing solutions that demand superior quality control, flexibility and versatility, the sophisticated technology of litho printing is unbeatable.

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