Corporate Gifts in Cape Town

Cape Town is well recognised as the ‘cultural epicentre’ of South Africa, so much so that some argue that even business in Cape Town is conducted with a certain ‘flair’.

Corporate Gifts
in Cape Town

So for this reason, among others, we at Ignition have developed a unique and all-encompassing range of corporate gifts that fit in perfectly with the Cape lifestyle and corporate culture.


Corporate Gifts in Cape Town

For stylish, suave, innovative, creative, eco-friendly Corporate Gifts in Cape Town – and even more – you need look no further than us!

The value of branded gifts also cannot be overstated; they are powerful investments which turn your clients or employees into walking “brand ambassadors”, expressing your brand identity wherever they go and with whomever they interact!

Corporate Gifts in Cape Town – Style

We stock a wide range of highly-respected original labels and branded clothing, including the likes of Diesel, Markham and Adidas. Our offering epitomises functionality with style and includes hats, jackets, sunglasses and even rings, amongst other apparel. We aim to provide branded corporate gifts that effectively complement any lifestyle while remaining appealing to recipients. Our gifts and corporate gear will also do wonders in the area of staff appreciation.

These gifts also attach a strong sense of style and appeal to you brand which will undoubtedly be noticed by your clients. Most of all these branded gifts offer long term use and will allow clients and staff to act as brand ambassadors for months and years!

Corporate Gifts in Cape Town – Wine

Wine is a large part of the Western Province lifestyle, with multiple wine routes located in the region. So when it comes to corporate gifts in Cape Town we simply cannot forget fine wines! For your convenience we stock an array of fantastic wine gifts including various hampers. From vintage wines in well-crafted cases to bottle openers and recorkers, we can provide the perfect gift for any individual. For the young party-goers we even have stylish wine coolers and wine accessories while those seeking the epitome of class and exclusivity can enjoy finely crafted wine cases and accoutrements.

Corporate Gifts in Cape Town – Design

Design is a vital facet of industries such as fashion, advertising and even construction. There is no better way to express your brand’s understanding of your client, or even your workforce, than with a ‘well-assimilated’ promotional gift. Whether it’s a hamper of complimentary items, a branded “pamper” gift set, an executive pen and notebook package or even non-related but useful items that are well presented and effectively branded – you are sure to leave a lasting impression! Essentially, providing a “design-centric client” with a well-designed gift is a great way of expressing that you understand them, and their business. If you are seeking quality corporate gifts in Cape Town and are looking for a service provider that understands your marketing objectives, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team of highly-trained and dedicated staff will be able to help you to select or design the perfect corporate gift – within your specified budget.


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