Branding is a constantly evolving battlefield where adaptive strategies are key to survival. Those who fail to respond quickly become incapacitated and only the strong and witty return with victory! This analogy highlights our commitment to help develop, support and empower our clients and their brands to outlast, outperform and outshine their competitors!

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As the effectiveness of conventional branding continues to shrink, consumers are increasingly realising the importance of ‘out-of-the-box’ branding strategies. Our corporate gifts, branded clothing and gear are designed to penetrate the unnecessary ‘clutter’ created by orthodox marketing and reach your customers no matter what! Our focus is not merely on offering you volumes of products – we seek to strategize and present you with a branding solution that’s relevant, precise and designed to perpetually distinguish you from your competitors! We make your ‘brand image’ as valuable to us as it is to you. This allows us to deliver quality products and highly efficient service to ensure that your brand and message achieves maximum visibility, and captures the undivided attention of your target market!

Now why is our approach above so important for your brand? Well, due to the insurmountable amount of marketing activities that are evolving daily, consumers can easily become overwhelmed. In fact many times rather than see the value of a product or brand they may start to doubt its credibility due to ‘over-punting’. This is why consumers adapt by developing ‘filters’, simply meaning that most of the advertising and marketing goes unnoticed! You cannot afford to be spending your marketing budget on ineffective techniques based on the ‘shotgun’ approach of dispersing multiple strategies hoping that one will work! Our gifts are customised, targeted and designed to bypass these customer filters.

We provide stylish and functional gifts, which can be branded with your company logo and even clever lines of copy in order to be catchy and grab the attention of your client. From Adidas sunglasses to Marksman Notebooks, our gifts are all high quality products from reputable brands. They will carry your company into the lives and homes of existing and potential clients, thereby cementing your brand in their lives!

Gifts and hampers are also a great way to truly express gratitude towards your staff. A simple token of appreciation is sometimes all that an employee needs to stay motivated, enjoy their working environment and even act as a brand ambassador outside of the office. This could be a gift of recognition or a complete upgrade of the staff uniform.

Branding has become far more ‘proactive’ and conventional branding, such as TV, print and even social media – while they do have a place – cannot compare with no-strings-attached corporate gifts!

Contact Ignition Marketing if you are seeking to get your brand back on track or to gain a competitive advantage that guarantees effective and long-lasting results.

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