Ignition Marketing once again breaks new frontiers – this time in the branded mobile technology sphere. Ignition has teamed up with mobile technology powerhouse, Karbonn Smart, to offer you a brand new range of innovative and highly effective corporate gifts. The number 3 Smartphone brand servicing the intensive demands of the large Indian market, has made great strides since inception in 2009, with its expanding international footprint.

Prepare to Enjoy the Benefits

Because our world is rapidly becoming more digital day by day, brands need to ensure that they can keep up with the evolving lifestyles and technological needs of modern consumers. With our fantastic new range of branded phones, devices and accessories, you can ensure that you not only keep up with your target market, but actually keep ahead of the competition.

You can offer these branded phones as memorable gifts for your leading clients, provide them to employees to ensure that inter-office communications are seamless, even give these out as staff or loyalty incentives, possibly year-end gifts or even give them away in exciting marketing promotions.

The options are vast, and in today’s advanced era – which recipient would not thoroughly welcome and embrace a branded mobile device? How would they feel about the brand that gave out such a corporate gift or invests in such devices for its employees?

Have a look at our Smartphones

The potential in the Marketplace

Inter-Office Communications

Ensure that all managers or particular groups of employees stay constantly connected

Top Clients or Executives

As rewards or tokens of gratitude for a job well done or continued business.

Promotions and Giveaways

Get your branding into the homes and lives of consumers in a way that they will never forget

Contact Ignition Marketing and ask about our wide range of excellent quality branded phones, devices and accessories. We offer branded phones, tablets, chargers, headphones, USB cables and many more accessories and devices, which can all be customised to represent your unique brand.

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