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Ran out of ideas for Year End Gifts?

Are you looking for a super cool gifting idea for your staff or customers this year? Blow their minds with a set of VR glasses branded with your very own logo!

Compatible with smartphones with screen sizes
of 4.7 to 6.0-inch display.

Please specify your branding requirements when upon request!


VR | Creating Experiences

The definition of Virtual Reality can be described from the two terms ‘Virtual’ and ‘Reality’. The term ‘Virtual’ refers to something that is not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so whereas ‘Reality’ is the state of everything that actually exists. So from this we know that ‘Virtual Reality‘ is ‘Almost Reality’. Human beings simulate and understand reality through our senses. This input sensory information gets processed and assimilated by our brains so that we can get a comprehensive understanding of the environment surrounding us. With Virtual Reality you can be transported into to another World whilst being at the comfort of your desk or living room.

AR | Immersive Branding

With the recent release of the Nikon KeyMission 360 or the Ricoh Theta S it is now possible to film scenes, products, experiences, and adverts and relay it to an audience as if they are actually there. How will you ever be able to compare the engagement and amount of audience recall that 2D Screens will have in comparison to 360 video viewing? However, you will require a mobile 360 application to showcase your 360 video content to your clients and that’™s where we come in. Ignition Marketing AR specializes in such mobile application development so you know that your content will be incorporated onto a reliable, time tested solution. The power and flexibility will be in your hands.

Is Augmented or Virtual Reality Best Suited to My Communication Needs?

There is a common misperception that Augmented and Virtual Reality are identical, however they are two entirely different technologies each having their own distinct opportunities. The main difference between the two technologies is that Virtual Reality is closed and fully immersive, transporting users into virtual worlds. Augmented Reality on the other hand is open and only partially immersive as digital content is augmented into the world around the user, in real time.



See our Augmented Reality app in action using your Mobile Device!

  1. Download our App From the Store onto your mobile device
  2. Using the app you just downloaded hover over the logo above.

Enhancing Product Experiences with VR


    Enhance the presentation and the sale of your new building through Augmented Reality! Perhaps you have brochures and floor maps that look a slightly dull and dreary? Augmented Reality can turn those maps into exciting 3D models.


    Recently the retail industry has been saturated with marketing information which has caused most consumers to become desensitized to the flood of advertising. Brands have been forced to think of new innovative ways to market their products and capture the attention of consumers. Augmented Reality is that new technology medium.


    Are you a manufacturer of furniture and interior design products? With Augmented Reality you can allow customers to see exactly how your Couch, Lampshade, Dining room table, Refrigerator, Carpet etc. will look like in their home without having to purchase it beforehand.


    Publishers and writers, help improve the engagement of students with your material through Augmented Reality. Now, students can get additional digital content (such as 3D animations, videos and commentary) about complicated content without the need to consult additional online resources.

Bespoke VR Brand Experiences

Brand Tailored VR Applications

In need of a premium bespoke application that is tailor made for your own needs and requirements? Tired of having to make compromises and for payment for features that you don’™t really need? We are happy to take you through the software development process from ‘œDefine’ through to ‘œGoing Live’ with your very own Virtual Reality software application. You may be concerned that the application will age rapidly over time but with bespoke software you get to modify the application to ensure that you get the most value out of your software asset. You can be one of the first in South Africa to feature with your own Virtual Reality Application and what makes it more exciting is that it is completely branded the way you want it to be. 

360° Mobile Apps

  The term ‘Augmented’ means to supplement or enhance, so from that we see that Augmented Reality is a means of viewing an enhanced world that has been supplemented with useful or entertaining digital information. With the help of Augmented Reality the gap between the digital and real worlds gets merged and the result is astounding potential for everyone. The possibilities for your company are only limited by your imagination which is exactly why you need an experienced Augmented Reality Partner who understands the true capabilities of the technology.


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