Branded Hampers: The Next Best Thing

A hamper is no doubt that gift that everyone loves to receive. Seldom will selected items in a good hamper go unused and unappreciated. And in today’s marketplace there is no better way to connect, reinforce valued relationships and as a consequence – get more business and referrals. Hampers by definition contain a number of items that centre around a specific theme. Each product will have a unique use and when well matched, will be fully utilised by the recipient. It is also practical as it will contain a few items, adding to its value and usage potential. We all know it’s an epic task to combine multiple marketing ideas into a single product and to adequately represent different aspects of a brand with just one item, so here at Ignition, our team did all the ground work for you.

At Ignition we have an array of branded hampers which are thoughtfully combined to suit any brand, business or person. We took the saying “go big or go home” to heart when creating this range as every item on the list screams “must have”. We stock hampers of different categories, budgets, sizes, presentation, etc – and all contain select products conveniently tied together or presented in appealing and attractive ways. Our range of customisable promotional hampers are designed to bring to life your brand’s vision and intended exposure. Whether it is a gifting option for a high-end client or a charity giveaway, we have something to suit every need.

The corporate hampers are categorised and filled with carefully sourced items that are produced of premium quality materials to ensure your gift is more than just a pretty site. From state-of-the-art tech hampers, to novelty and tourist hampers, the list is definitely far from short. Each item can of course be adapted to accommodate your individual branding objectives.

Why choose branded hampers:

  • Hampers have varied carefully chosen items, which peek recipient’s interests thus creating great awareness around your brand.
  • A hamper is an inexpensive way to actively market your brand.
  • Hampers are thoughtful gifts from food, to tech items, stationary and more. It makes your brand more relatable and creates a personal connection between your brand and the receiver.

Select from existing options or design a customised hamper based on your specific preferences – the choice is yours. Watch your brand come to life by employing this simple, competitively-priced yet highly effective marketing strategy that has proved successful timelessly.

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