Branded Your Favorite Sweets and Chocolates

No one can say no to a complimentary mint or a decadent chocolate. Promotional sweets and chocolates are known for their great taste and look. They are enjoyed by kids and adults alike which makes them an excellent branding tool that will appeal to a wider market. At Ignition we have a range of sweets and chocolates that come in eye catching wrappers, mini containers as well as bouquets that can be appropriately customized with prints, logos and designs to help enhance brand awareness. 

Each item is made of quality ingredients that are expertly combined to create a product that will tantalize taste buds. This ensures your brand is well remembered for the unforgettable experience that accompanies indulging in decadent chocolate or delectable sweets. Sweets and chocolates are an affordable way to win over clients, staff and the marketplace at large. The popular nature of these products can afford you widespread exposure and open up new business prospects. These items are ideal for meetings, exhibitions, promotions, year-end gifts and so much more. Our wide selection of corporate sweets and chocolates can be customized to create your brand’s specific vision and meet all your marketing requirements. Ignition can help you win the infamous golden ticket, when it comes to your branding needs.


Why choose branded sweets and chocolates:

-Chocolates and sweets are well loved products which are never (or lets say very, very seldom) rejected or left uneaten. This guarantees that your brand receives exposure. 

-Sweets and chocolates are an effective and affordable marketing tool that offers a decent shelf-life. 

-Chocolate and sweet packaging can be easily customized, which helps enhance your brands identity with eye-catching details.

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